Drapery can soften a room and add color or contrast.  Window treatments give a room a finished look.

Pleat styles.jpg

Pleat Styles

There are many more pleat styles then these three however these are most popular. Drapes can hang neatly off of a rod and rings or on a traverse rod for a more modern finished look. The length depends on how you view your room. A more formal, traditional room may require some puddle, whereas a modern look may just touch the floor. 



If you have a bold color on the wall the best example to bring out the full softness of the drape is to keep it simple. In this case white on a bold red wall and while you cannot see the floor in this shot a simple pants break at the floor ties everything together.



When you have a radiator or something else restricting the drape from reaching the floor you can go short, or opt for a fabric shade rather than a drape for a more uniform look.