Roman Shades

Roman shades come in many different styles and can be lined to complete blackout or not lined using a sheer fabric.


These are but a few styles.

More often the simpler the better but every life-style is different so pick you preference.



Some styles of roman shades have a finished top area however a valance allows for that extra design detail you might not have expected.



This roman shade has a finished top and is also outside mounted (meaning mounted on the face of the molding). Based on your window style this is an option one can go to.


Sheer roman shade.

Some sheer fabrics are made to withstand sun fading potential. They still soften the window, do not obstruct the view, and add a color where there wasn't one.


Bathroom Shade

A bathroom shade will give you the privacy you need. They can be made to work from the top down or the bottom up thus allowing the sun to come through the top while keeping it private.